Taboom Director Brian Pellot leads workshop on gender and sexuality reporting in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Flag

Taboom Founding Director Brian Pellot presented to 30 journalists in Zimbabwe at a day-long training on gender and sexuality reporting in Harare in August 2017.

According to workshop organizers:

“Sexual and gender minorities are still vastly under-represented in Zimbabwe’s news media. When they are represented, they are often done so inaccurately, stereotypically, harmfully or without a clear understanding of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression (SSOGIE).

“How issues are portrayed in the media and dominant social rhetoric are closely interconnected. Negative media representations of SSOGIE issues play a role in the perpetuation and legitimization of widespread stigma and discrimination against SSOGIE minorities.

“By engaging the media, we are setting the ground for mass education of SSOGIE issues. Mass education will result in better understanding and ultimately tolerance of diversity and minority rights. In that sense, we are fulfilling one of the media’s key roles, to educate. We are using the media as a tool to advance social change and democracy through respect for minority rights and tolerance.

“For now, our focus is to build the capacity of 30 journalists to understand and fairly report on LGBTQI+ issues. We will do this through a one day workshop where they explore and develop effective, sensitive and inclusive communication strategies for dealing with SSOGIE issues and LGBTI people.”

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