Media Engagement Training

Our holistic approach to improving media coverage of taboo human rights topics necessarily includes sector-specific media engagement training opportunities for key stakeholders best positioned to advance accurate narratives via local and regional media outlets. Strategic influencers include human rights activists, faith leaders, lawyers, and policymakers.

Since 2017 we have conducted regular country- and region-specific media engagement trainings for community leaders across Sub-Saharan Africa. Each workshop equips at least 20 key influencers with the skills they need to effectively spread affirming rights-based and faith-based narratives via traditional and social media channels. Specific training sessions include audience identification, messaging themes, message framing, storytelling techniques, traditional media outreach, story pitching, interview preparation and follow-up, and social media strategy.

Recent workshops in Nairobi and Johannesburg have primarily served regional grantees of the Arcus Foundation and The Other Foundation. We’ve also led country-specific workshops in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi. Local partners in South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, and across West Africa have asked us to provide additional stakeholder media engagement trainings for key influencers in their communities. We are fulfilling these requests as time and resources permit.

U Aye Lwin, chief convener of the Islamic Centre of Myanmar and founding member of Religions for Peace, addresses a room of journalists at our panel in Yangon on November 13, 2014. From left to right: U Myint Swe, president of the Ratana Metta Organization, U Aye Lwin, and U Aung Naing, executive committee member of Religions for Peace.