Call for Illustrators / Appel à illustrateurs / Chamada para Ilustradores

Following the success of Hopes and Dreams That Sound Like Yours (2021), Taboom Media and GALA Queer Archive are working to produce a second anthology of Stories of Queer Activism in Africa. We are looking to commission illustrators from across Africa to visually interpret and illustrate each story.

Each illustration commissioned will earn the illustrator USD $150 (processed at the interbank exchange rate for the illustrator’s local currency. Taboom Media will cover all initiating fees, ensuring the amount displayed on Google/XE/Oanda should reach the recipient’s account).

Illustrators from across the African continent are encouraged to apply before the March 11, 2022 deadline.

Apply here (in English):

Soumettre ici (en français) :

Submeter aqui (em português) :

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