Children’s Radio Foundation and Taboom launch new LGBTQI+ Media Advocacy Toolkit

The handbook includes practical tips and resources to help civil society groups and activists use media advocacy skills to advance LGBTQI+ rights across Africa. It addresses media safety, audience identification, messaging and framing, storytelling, interviewing LGBTQI+ sources, social media, traditional news media, community outreach, and measuring and evaluating success, among other topics. The toolkit includes guidance on coming out and disclosing LGBTQI+ identities, navigating legal rights, overcoming discrimination, sexual health & safety, mental health, and queer faith issues.

The Children’s Radio Foundation developed the new LGBTQI+ Media Advocacy Toolkit in partnership with Taboom Media, thanks to a grant from the Other Foundation. It was written by Taboom’s founding director Brian Pellot.

Download the full guide for free here or here.