Taboom hosts LGBTQI+ Media Monitoring and Response Coalition Summit

In September 2019, Taboom hosted an onboarding and collaboration summit for our LGBTQI+ Media Monitoring and Response Coalition at The Other Foundation’s Kopano at the Cradle of Humankind in South Africa. More than 40 participants from across southern Africa attended these workshop sessions.

Taboom’s Media Monitoring and Response Coalitions (MMRCs) mobilize journalists, activists, faith leaders, lawyers, policymakers, and other community stakeholders to rapidly and collaboratively combat dangerous and otherwise problematic media portrayals of taboo human rights topics in a unified and systematic manner.

The MMRC collaboration summit allowed partners to refine the MMRC needs and aims and to lay the groundwork for future MMRC engagement. By tracking and indexing LGBTQI+ media coverage over time, the MMRC will quantitatively and qualitatively determine which countries and outlets experience improvement or deterioration, allowing us to collectively shift resources, mobilize stakeholders and replicate best practices where need is greatest.