Resources on Covering Religious Freedom and Conflict in Myanmar

Below is the primary list of documents used in our intensive training workshop on religious freedom and conflict reporting held in Yangon, Myanmar, November 11-15, 2014.

  • A19 FEX in Burma 1 (English and Burmese in same document):
    • The London-based freedom of expression organization Article 19’s background paper on freedom of expression in Myanmar (2014)
  • A19 FEX in Burma 2 (English and Burmese in same document):
    • Article 19’s Beginners’ guide to freedom of expression laws (2014)
  • A19 FEX in Burma 3 (English and Burmese in same document):
    • Article 19’s Beginners’ guide to content restrictions (2014)
  • A19 FEX in Burma 4 (English and Burmese in same document):
    • Article 19’s Guide to advocacy on freedom of expression in Myanmar (2014)
  • Asia journalism religion reporting resolution 2011:
    • An 8-point resolution written April 8, 2011 by journalists from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan attending the Asia Journalism Fellowship 2011 in Singapore
  • Cherian George’s hate speech regulation table (English and Burmese):
    • Journalism professor Cherian George’s table showing differences between traditional and liberal societies’ approaches to hate speech regulation (2014)
  • Freedom House’s Burma 2014 Freedom of Press Report (English):
    • The U.S. human rights group’s 2014 report ranks Myanmar’s press as “not free” based on legal, economic and political factors (2014)
  • Freedom House’s Burma 2014 Freedom of the World Report (English):
    • The 2014 report ranks Myanmar as “not free” based on civil liberties and political rights violations (2014)
  • IMS assessment of media development challenges and opportunities in Myanmar  (English):
    • International Media Support’s report “Change is in the air: An assessment of media development challenges and opportunities in Myanmar” (2012)
  • IMS MPC Conflict-sensitive journalism handbook (English and Burmese)
    • International Media Support and Myanmar Peace Center’s conflict-sensitive journalism handbook (2014)
  • International journalism fellowship reporting resolution 2011 (English):
    • A 13-point resolution written on November 17, 2011 by journalists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Namibia and Brunei attending a one-month International Journalism Fellowship sponsored by the Malaysian Press Institute in Kuala Lumpur
  • International Primer for Burma (English and Burmese):
    • Religion Newswriters Foundation’s comprehensive updated international reporting on religion primer with coverage tips and links to important resources (2014)
  • Internews Media freedom challenges Burma (English):
    • Internews Impact Report on fostering professional and inclusive media in Burma with profiles of leading Myanmar journalists (2013)
  • IWPR crisis reporting handbook (English):
    • The Institute for War & Peace Reporting’s handbook for local journalists in crisis areas (2004)
  • Likert scale values (English and Burmese):
    • Corresponds to the self-appraisal survey below (2014)
  • Myanmar Press Council Code of Conduct (English and Burmese in same document):
    • The Myanmar Press Council (Interim)’s media code of conduct for Myanmar Journalists – Page 15 specifically addresses religion. (2014)
  • FINAL RNS FCO Burma 2014 Training schedule (English and Burmese):
    • Detailed schedule for our Nov 11-15 trainings in Yangon (2014)
  • Reporting Ethnicity and Religion (English):
    • Getting the Facts Right: Reporting Ethnicity and Religion. A study of media coverage of ethnicity and religion in Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom (2012)
  • RL Buddhism Guide for Burma (English and Burmese):
    • ReligionLink’s detailed guide for reporting on Buddhism with relevant international and Asia-specific sources, tips and definitions (2014)
  • RL Islam Guide for Burma (English and Burmese):
    • ReligionLink’s detailed guide for reporting on Islam with relevant international and Asia-specific sources, tips and definitions (2014)
  • Self-appraisal survey (English and Burmese):
    • Preliminary survey all trainees must complete to gauge experience and proficiency in reporting on religion and to tell trainers what they hope to gain from the trainings (2014)
  • Thingangyun religious sites guide (English and Burmese):
    • Detailed overview of field trip to four houses of worship in Yangon (2014)
  • UNESCO Conflict-sensitive reporting guide (English):
    • A handbook for journalists and journalism educators and trainers in how to approach conflict-sensitive reporting (2009)
  • US State Dept 2013 Burma Religious Freedom Report (full English report, executive summary in Burmese):
    • The U.S. State Department’s annual country-specific report on religious freedom in Myanmar. Myanmar is one of only nine countries of particular concern that the U.S. cites for particularly egregious violations of religion freedom (2013)
  • USCIRF Burma religious freedom human rights violations (English):
    • The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)’s report focuses on: discrimination and abuses against Rohingya Muslims; intolerance against minority religious communities; discriminatory laws, policies and proposed legislation; deprivation of citizenship to Rohingya Muslims; and prejudicial practices in the issuance of identification documents to all Muslims (2014)
  • USIP Burma media conflict report (English and Burmese):
    • The U.S. Institute of Peace’s report on media and conflict in Myanmar and opportunities for media to advance peace (2014)
  • World Religion Maps (English):
    • 20 maps and charts showing the roots, faultlines and demographic dispersion of major religions across the globe (2007)
  • World religion quiz (English and Burmese):
    • A 37-question quiz to be completed before trainings, designed to gauge how much trainees know about various religions (2014)
  • Eric Loo’s models of reporting (English and Burmese):
    • Trainer and professor Eric Loo’s ORACLE and FACTS approaches to proactive reporting on religion (2014)
  • EJN 5-Point Hate Speech Test (English and Burmese):
    • The Ethical Journalism Network’s five-point test for reporting on potentially inflammatory speech in an ethical and responsible context (2014)

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